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Day 1 Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

Just finished day one of the Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine Level 1! So fun! My favorite part of today was learning how to cut vegetables properly and learn proper knife skills! I’ve always wondered how those chefs make veggies look so pretty! I had to go out and buy a proper knife after I realized mine was not going to cut it!

We also created a basic green juice recipe, who doesn’t love green juice, perfect for alkalizing the body first thing in the morning!

We also made cheeses for the recipes we will be creating tomorrow.Β  Nuts are the primary base of a vegan cheese; the cheeses below are created with cashews and macadamia nuts. They turned out so creamy and bold; I can’t wait to use them in our recipes tomorrow! Stay tuned….

I am very impressed with the online course, organization and prompt responses from the instructors.Β  Super positive experience so far; I know this month will be amazing! Good job Matthew Kenney Culinary School, you guys rock!

I will be posting my progress throughout the course; probably not every day but I will as much I can! πŸ™‚ HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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