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Day 2 Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

OMG… these dishes are amazing!! I am having so much fun in this course so far, I get to learn more about my passion.  The online system is so organized, thorough and easy to navigate.  There are instructional videos to show you how to create each recipe which is awesome!  Today we made two amazing dishes; Red Beet Ravioli and Heirloom Tomato Lasagna.  The instructor specifically told us not to eat everything because they are on the richer side, but I couldn’t help myself! I ate both dishes for dinner and they were worth it! lol!

This is the Red Beet Ravioli; definitely my favorite! I could eat this all day, and so surprisingly easy to make.

Then we made an Heirloom Tomato Lasagna which was also equally as good and easy to make.  I am so happy I am using my mandolin more in this course; I will be using it for more recipes in the future.  Enjoy the beautiful pictures!

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