DIY Cellulite Busting Body Scrub

DIY Coconut Body Scrub

Save money and your body from chemicals by making your own body scrub! I love body scrubs and have made this recipe for a while now.  As most women, I struggle with cellulite. I believe it has more to do with genetics than anything because it doesn’t matter how much I exercise and eat clean I still see this nasty stuff on my legs. Or, it could be just because I’m just getting old, ha ha!

It was International Women’s Day this week which was kind of fitting because I have thought a lot lately about what women endure with body image. I can say from experience, we spend so much time analyzing and comparing ourselves to other women, only focusing on our flaws. I am never pretty enough, good enough or will never hold a candle to “that” woman. Why do we think this way??!! I thought it would get better with age but only seems to get worse. I don’t think I have a low self-esteem (okay maybe sometimes), but know I can REALLY improve on loving myself more!

So that’s it, I’m so sick of wasting my time on this; going forward I will focus on loving myself more. I’m not sure how yet, maybe start with positive affirmations in the morning or write myself little love notes on the bathroom mirror so they are the first thing I see when I get up in the morning… once I figure it out, I will share. 🙂

Okay, back to this post! I was recycling my husband’s coffee grounds (because I don’t drink coffee), adding olive and essential oils and exfoliating in the shower until my co-worker kindly advised me that putting coffee grounds down the drain was just as bad as grease… oooops!! I had no idea! How do so many people exfoliate with coffee grounds then? What do they do with them? Anyway, so I decided to start using coconut sugar instead and I actually love it way more because it’s WAY less messy!

Coconut and olive oil hydrate and nourish the skin leaving it soft as a baby’s bottom while peppermint essential oil boosts your metabolism and increases blood circulation helping diminish that pesky cellulite!

You could also use any essential oil to your liking; since there is oil in this recipe you don’t have to worry about using an oil that will irritate your skin.

Since I’ve made my own natural skin care I will NEVER go back to buying expensive skin care products loaded with chemicals! Enjoy this super easy DIY natural recipe, your skin will love you for it!

DIY Cellulite Busting Body Scrub
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
Save money and your body from chemicals by making your body scrub!
  1. Mix coconut oil, olive oil and essential oil in a medium bowl until combined.
  2. Add coconut sugar and mix well.
  3. Store in an airtight glass container; will keep for 1 month.
Recipe Notes

Notes: Cinnamon essential oil is also good for fighting cellulite. This oil builds collagen, tightens your skin, increases your circulation and removes impurities from your body.

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