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End of Week 1 – Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

Just finished Week 1 of the Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine Course! I’m not going to lie, it is a lot of work, but very rewarding! I chose to take this course even though it was online because I feel it’s the most thorough, in-depth raw food course available.  As I mentioned in my last post, the online system is so organized and easy to navigate, they really have done an excellent job!  The course not only focuses on recipes but also teaches you flavor balancing, why components of a recipe are really important, plating and knife skills.  I am having so much fun learning it all!

Here are the amazing dishes we created this week. Unfortunately, I cannot share recipes only pictures; please enjoy!

I’ve always wanted to make my own “sushi” (raw and vegan), so learning these recipes were so much fun for me!  The pickled ginger is even homemade!

We made almond milk which we used in a couple of smoothie recipes: “Blueberry Bee” and “Pumpkin Pie” Smoothies.  Both were so yummy and the fresh almond milk added creamy richness.  I’m going to make a habit out of making my own almond milk, the store-bought almond milk does not even compare!

Zucchini Tartare was fun to make, it was the first time i used a ring mold to create the beautiful shape of this dish.

Last but not least, we created this beautiful Kale Caesar Salad!  This recipe was a lot of preparation; the rosemary croutons,  pine nut Parmesan and shiitake anchovies dehydrated for 24 hours, but so worth it! The dressing was my favorite, I will be making it often for sure!

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful pictures!  Off to prep for Week #2; I’m so excited, we will be making ice cream next week so I’ll get to try out my ice cream maker… YES!

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