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End of Week 2 – Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

Two weeks down and two more to go! I cannot believe we are at the halfway point of the course, I do not want it to end!  I have come so far in only two weeks, and have learned so much.  My knife skills have drastically improved; well, more like I obtained knife skills, as I never really used proper knife skills before.

I really appreciate the work that has gone into creating this online course; not only are we learning recipes, we also really focus on important factors when creating a recipe including; plating, presentation, and nutritional benefits of living foods.  Again, I cannot share recipes, although, I can share these beautiful pictures of creations from week two.

These sesame noodles are one of my favorites from the course so far (I probably say that about every dish!) But they are all so good!  If you put a lot preparation and work into creating a dish you always enjoy it that much more!

These Kimchi Dumplings were really neat to see come together; first we had to ferment vegetables creating kimchi and make coconut wrappers in the dehydrator.  After a lot of prep work the dumplings they came together quickly when plating.

I was so excited to use my new ice cream maker and cannot believe how easy it is!  Ice cream will never be the same again!  I decided to flavor the ice cream with cacao powder and cacao nibs because, well, who doesn’t love chocolate!

Mexican cuisine is also one of my favorites, so when I discovered we were making raw, vegan tostadas I was so excited!  These tostadas were plated with cacao mole and non-dairy sour cream, which paired so well with the avocado and cabbage slaw.  So tasty!

Finally we learned how to prepare raw, vegan pizza.  We had a few different tomato sauces to choose from and could be creative with the toppings.  I decided to top mine off with an Italian tomato sauce, cashew cheese, marinated mushrooms and spinach.

I hope you enjoyed my update on this wonderful journey I am on! I’m off to prepare and grocery shop for week 3! Have a great rest of your weekend!



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  • Amanda
    May 20, 2015 at 7:28 am

    Really enjoying reading your blog – I am thinking about taking this course so it is wonderful to read your posts. Thanks – and your food looks amazing!

    • Crystal
      May 20, 2015 at 1:12 pm

      Thank you! 🙂 The course is amazing, please email me if you have any questions!