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End of Week 3 – Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

Hello Everyone!!  Wow, I have completed the third week of this course, time is going by way too fast, I do not want it to end!  I have come so far in only three weeks and have learned so much! We are now preparing for our final project for week 4 which I find very challenging (I’ll write more about this in my next post).  I have covered a lot material in week 3 and learned some more advanced recipes, such as fermenting cheese, coconut yogurt, soaking and sprouting buckwheat, piping raw chocolate chips and creating our own vinaigrette.

We started off the week with making these beautiful truffles! Who doesn’t love truffles? It was so much fun deciding which toppings to use and play around with the different colors.

Almost every ingredient we use is made from scratch.  Even the chocolate chips for the chocolate chip cookies we made… I brought these to work and I was so proud to tell everyone I even made the chocolate chips that went into those cookies, lol!

Each week we are assigned a project where we are able to use our creativity and create a recipe.  This assignment was “create your own salad”; I was craving something really green so I came up with this recipe which included greens, asparagus, spiralized cucumber, pea shoots and avocado with a herb vinaigrette, and it was really good!

These sliders were definitely one of my favorites, although some of the ingredients took some time to prepare, it was worth it!

Who knew you could make fermented cheese from nuts! We fermented nut cheese and created a beautiful cheese plate.  We were also allowed to be creative with the flavors, so I create a dill and caraway seed cheese and a parsley, chili flake and cumin cheese.  I preferred the dill cheese, but they were both very tasty and creamy!


I hope you enjoyed these pictures of week 3!  Next week I will be working on our final project; we are to create a three course menu with recipes and weekly plan.  Wish me luck!

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