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Matthew Kenney Culinary – Plant Based Desserts

Matthew Kenney Plant Based Desserts

I recently took another course through the online Matthew Kenney Culinary School – Plant Based Desserts.  I wanted to take this course last year after I completed the Level 1 Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine but never got around to it!

I love to make healthy desserts and raw chocolate and I wanted to broaden my knowledge and skills, so I finally registered for this course!  It had been almost a year since I had taken an MK online course; I forgot how intense they are, but that’s why I love them, you learn a lot in a short period of time!

Another reason I love the MK courses is because they focus on plating and presentation which is very important to me when executing a recipe.  Through plating you are able to express passion and creativity.

I included just a few pictures of the dishes we made throughout the course, there were quite a few recipes we executed.  I was looking through my pictures from the course I took last year and it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come with presentation and photographs.

All of the recipes I really enjoyed, of course there were a few favorites, including coconut ice cream, matcha cheesecake and spice cookies (pictured above).  We made six different types of ice cream including a sorbet; my ice cream maker definitely got one heck of a work out! I could whip up batch of vegan ice cream now in no time!

Pictured above are breakfast bars we made and below a parfait with berry jam and maple oat crumble; it was a nice change to have some non dessert recipes thrown in there!  The breakfast bars are so easy to make I will be making them as a weekly snack staple from now on!

One of my absolute favorite desserts was this matcha cheesecake (pictured below).  Usually this is served with black tahini but I did not have access to any so I decided to add dehydrated strawberry powder and strawberries which paired really well!   This photo turned out to be one of my favorites 🙂

Who wouldn’t like vegan hazelnut pralines?!!! These were really fun to make, they have a hazelnut praline filling, en-robed in chocolate and coated in assorted toppings including shredded coconut, hazelnuts and raw cacao nibs.

Pictured below is a dish called White Lotus, and contains 3 different frozen components with mango purée and buckwheat crumble.  So beautiful!!

In the MK courses we always have a chance to create our own recipe utilizing the skills and techniques we have learned.  Since the matcha cheesecake was one of my favorites, I wanted to create a cheesecake dish, so I decided to write a recipe for vanilla cheesecake plated with citrus coulis and spiced buckwheat.  The textures and flavors in this dish worked really well; one of my favorites!

If you are reading this post and thinking about taking the MK Plant Based Desserts Course, I highly recommend it!

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