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The End – Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine Level 1

Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine

I have officially completed the Matthew Kenney Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine Level 1 Course! YAY!!! It was a lot of hard work, but so worth it!! We spent most of week four working on our final project, which included writing a  three course menu with recipes, recipe testing, plating practice and executing two of the recipes and finally filming a video presentation.

Here is a preview of what we accomplished in week 4:

We made this very tasty Banana Chai Chia Seed Pudding.  I love Chia Seed pudding, it is one of my favorite dishes to make!

This Butter lettuce salad was one of my favorites, it included a honey mustard dressing that was divine!  I had enough dressing to eat this salad for lunch for three days, thank goodness!

We made a Chamomile lemon meringue tart, which was also amazing!  The meringue is made in the ice cream maker, and we used irish moss paste to get the consistency of a tart filling.  I had never used irish moss before, it is a seaweed you purchase dried so you have to soak it and clean it really well and then blend it to make a paste.

This tonic we made on our last day, which was perfect timing because I was really not feeling well so I tripled this batch and drank it for two days. I felt better after. 🙂

On to my final Project! Here is a preview of the menu I created:

Flax | Macadamia Ricotta | Arugula | Beet |

Parsnip | Bell Pepper | Cashew | Kale |

Strawberry | Citrus | Coconut | Cashew | Date

We were only instructed to execute two of the three recipes so I decided to make the Risotto and Cheesecake.  I had never made a raw vegan cheesecake before so I was anxious to see how it would turn out.  Thank goodness on my first try it turned out perfect!  The crust contains coconut, dates and nuts and made an orange and strawberry filling.   It also tasted amazing!

I am always inspired by colorful food, so I wanted to create dishes that beamed vibrancy and color!  My Risotto was super fun to make!  I created a rice base with turnips, parsnips and cauliflower and then mixed it with a flavorful cream sauce served with an orange pepper sauce and marinated kale with candied cashews.

I decided to garnish the cheesecake with a strawberry coulis, crushed pistachios and candied oranges I made in the dehydrator.

This experience was so gratifying, I learned so much and would recommend this course to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge base and skills with plant-based food.  If you have any questions about my experience with the course please email me at: rawrevive@gmail.com.

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